Being a woman in this day and age isn’t the easiest. Pop culture tells us we’re supposed to be thin, tough, sexy and if all else fails…the fat, funny sidekick.

In fact, we’re supposed to be the sidekicks in every role.

Hello, I’m Paula Mould and I’m an artist and writer with a vision and a goal. Finding Inclusivity is all about redefining what it means to be female in a society that doesn’t value us.

This is a project about bringing people together, facilitating discussion, and maybe changing our worlds for the better through inclusivity.

Yes, I made the word “inclusivity” up, but it fits. If we can have exclusivity, we can have inclusivity. And the world is so much nicer when it’s inclusive.

Men? You’re next. I’m starting where I know best: women, but I haven’t forgotten about you at all. And if you don’t identify with a binary gender, there’s room for you too. Stay tuned.

What It’s About
This project involves showcasing 100 women. Getting their stories. Painting their portraits. I’ll be running a Kickstarter campaign for funding soon and if the project gets funded, each participant will receive a copy of a limited edition book with all the stories and paintings in it

Why Do It
This project is designed to show the bigger picture. Bring women together, with their stories and say this is who we are. We’re all different. We’re all women. We all matter.

Who Can Participate
If you are a woman, over the age of majority, or identify as female you can participate. You must be comfortable sharing your story in this project as well as having your portrait painted by me. Sign up right here.