I’ve been a pop culture portrait artist for a few years now. Since my teens, if I’m going to be honest. Inspired by the stories and ideas from science fiction and mild horror genres.

I grew up on Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman, Star Wars and Star Trek in the 1970s. As a female, I didn’t have a lot of role models but the ones I had were amazing.

Fast forward to now, when my youngest girl spends time looking for female role models she can look up to, without much success. When my female friends ask why I generally only paint men.

When Wonder Woman, a classic super hero, finally gets her own movie and it’s such a big deal and so well received in spite of a lot of things working against it.

I looked around and realized women are under-represented in pop culture. That being called a girl is considered an insult. That women, who are middle aged or older, are generally silenced. Their stories don’t matter outside of stereotypical humour.

And I thought…maybe it’s time to celebrate women in all our shapes and forms. Maybe it’s time someone shared their stories, experiences and lives and gave them a voice and a platform. And I realized that someone was me.

This project involves showcasing 100 women. Getting their stories. Painting their portraits. I’ll be running a Kickstarter campaign for funding soon and if the project gets funded, each participant will receive a copy of a limited edition book with all the stories and paintings in it.