All the questions (and answers!) I have had so far. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email me.

How many people are you looking for?
In total, 100. I already have around 35 or so signed up. Ideally, I want 100 women in place before I launch the Kickstarter.

What do you need from participants?
I know everyone is busy so I will keep things as short as possible. I will need several photos, preferably close ups to paint from. I’ll also need one phone or skype call to talk about the project and get the story. If you’re not comfortable on the phone, we can email.

Participants must be comfortable sharing their story and portrait with the world. The response to this project has been HUGE so far and I’m planning on making it as big as possible.

What do you mean by “story”?
I’m looking for anything about you that you’re comfortable sharing. Whether it’s how you grew up, how you fit in or don’t, how being a woman has affected you… the rules are broad. I don’t have unlimited space so a ten page story might need to be edited down. I have an editor attached to this project so I can help with that.

Your story must be your own. If you can’t write, don’t worry, because I can write for you. We will have one chat either on phone or skype and I can get your words then.

If you want to write a poem instead, that’s fine too.

We all carry around definitions of ourselves, who we are, how we are. This is what I’m looking for.

Are their age limits?
Participants must be age of majority or older. Otherwise there are no limits.

Why women only?
I’m a woman. I know how this affects how I move through the world. I’m starting where I know best.
If you identify as a female, no matter how you were born, I want to hear from you. This project is INCLUSIVE always.

Men and non-binary genders, there will be projects for you coming up. I’m starting where I know best first.

Do I need to be local?
No! While a lot of participants are local to me, it’s not necessary. As long as we can reach out via the internet or phone, it’s all good.

Do I get to keep my portrait?
Only if you buy it. I’ll be using the painted portraits to fund the project. They will be for sale on Kickstarter and after on this site.

What do participants get?
If I can get this project funded on Kickstarter, participants will get a limited edition, participant only book, containing all the portraits and stories. I appreciate your time and enthusiasm in joining me and this is a thank you.

Do I have to pay money to participate?
Absolutely not. This is a project to celebrate you.

I do ask participants to share this project especially once we hit Kickstarter. It can’t move forward without funding, and without enough participants.

What’s going to happen to the paintings?
All paintings, and stories, will be on display at Illumine Gallery next fall, whether they’re sold or not.

Once the show is over, sold portraits will be sent to their purchasers and unsold ones will be available for purchase through me directly.
100 portraits and stories in one year sounds impossible!

I’ve been painting for a long time. Portraits are my favourite. In a good year, I can do around 300 paintings. Considering that I have other obligations, I knocked this project down to 100 portraits to allow for those.

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