Interview Scheduler

I am AWAY August 14th. Please do not book an interview on this day. Thank you.

PLEASE make sure you’ve signed a release form BEFORE your interview. Thank you!


Do I have to book an interview with you?

If you’re participating in Finding Inclusivity, I’d like to talk with you in person, via skype or by phone. I do understand that not everyone wants that human to human contact. If that’s you, it’s OK. We will figure something out. Email me and let’s talk.

No judgement. No pressure.

How long will the Finding Inclusivity interviews take?

How chatty are you? But seriously, I’m aiming for around an hour or less.  I know you’re busy. I know I have to talk to over 100 people. I’ll run a timer so we stay on time.
What can I expect from an interview?

I’m not a hard hitting reporter or whatever. We’re going to talk about you and your life. I’ve found that very quickly, stories come up.

And you know what? I LOVE learning about people. You may not think you’re interesting but I have yet to meet anyone who isn’t. And when was the last time you got to talk about you with someone who really wants to hear your stories?

Will the interviews be recorded?

Yes.. Audio at least. But if you are not comfortable with that, I can switch to taking notes.

I need a means of remembering what we talked about, but I am willing to adapt so that you are comfortable.

The recordings will NOT be shared outside of my project team. They will only be used for writing the book and then they will be destroyed. Your privacy matters to me.

If I can write my own story, do I need an interview?

Ideally, I want to at least chat with everyone. If you’re already a writer, great! I’m happy to take your story written. I have found though, that the conversation opens doors to ideas and stories.. That it helps.

If you’re fine with not interviewing, send me an email. No judgement. No pressure. I just need to know that you’re still participating.